March 20, 2015

Another Sleep study

Yep, here we are again.  Sleep study #4. 

   This past Tuesday Sadie saw the pulmonologist. I told her about these "episodes" and about everything that we have done so far.  I told her about the EEG results and how the neurologist suggested that Sadie see her again in regards to the apnea.  She agreed that it could definitely be a sleeping issue, so she ordered an "urgent" sleep study.  She was not thrilled that we had not gone to the ER for these episodes and told me if there is a next time I really need to take her to the ER no matter what.  I explained why I didn't take her, she understood, but... still really wants me to take her next time.  Hopefully, there will not be a next time.

   So two days later, here I am sitting in the hospital, watching the monitors.  I really hate watching monitors!  But how do I not watch them?  They are right there, blinking there lights at me saying "hey, look at me".  Stupid monitors.  All they make me do is stress and realize how bad her apnea really is.  I think I have decided though, after sitting her for half the night watching these stupid monitors and listening to her breathing (or shall I say lack of breathing) I am going to ask for an apnea monitor.  My biggest fear is that one of these times she will not arouse to take another breath.  The thought just makes me sick to my stomach. Honestly, not sure why we don't have one already.  So if nothing else comes from this test, at least the realization that she needs a monitor did.

  See that 5? That is how many times a minute she is breathing.  That's not right. A child between 3-6 yrs old should breath between 22 and 34 bpm. Sadie generally stays around 9, but tonight she continually keeps dropping to 5.  *sigh*

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