March 12, 2015

EEG results

  Well today we went to the neurologist to get the EEG results.  The good news is that they are NOT seizures that she is having.  WooHoo!! I couldn't be happier about that.  However, that leads us back to the original question, what are these episodes!?
   After the neurologist gave me the news that they are not seizures that she is having, he continues on to tell me that what the EEG showed was slow brain waves (which is expected with her brain abnormalities).  Her very first EEG showed this also, so that was no surprise to me.  He then continued on to say that it also showed that she was not sleeping.  Her central apnea is so severe that she keeps waking up to take a breath.  She is never going into that deep REM sleep.  So he is guessing that these episodes that she is having are just from extreme exhaustion.  His suggestion?  Go see her pulmonologist and tell them the results of the EEG and see what they have to say.  So guess what my next phone call is going to be and probably our next appt? Yep, the pulmonologist.  Pretty sure I feel like I am chasing my tail, but come hell or high water, I will figure out these episodes!  She is worth the chase.

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