March 02, 2015

The appointments begin

  These episodes! What are they? What is causing them?  After her first episode and these small, multi episodes of extreme sleepiness we just so happened to have an appointment with the endocrinologist.  Perfect timing.  We only see her once a year to check all of Sadie's hormones.  With all the midline brain abnormalities that she has, they want to continue to check her hormones yearly because the midline contains many glands that could be effected and cause her issues.  Thus far, all her hormones are at the correct level.
  With all this sleepiness, maybe her thyroid level is screwed up? At her appt the Dr and I discussed these episodes and she said yes, maybe it's hormones.  She checked Sadie out and everything checked out good.  She then ordered some labs.  After the appt we had the blood drawn.  I expected a fight and a multi poke event.  However, Sadie cooperated perfectly and they got her on the first poke.  Hallelujah!
  A few days later we got the call saying that all her hormones are at the correct level and whatever these episodes are they have nothing to do with hormones.  Perfect, good news!  But now what? Where do I go next?  The endocrinologist suggested going to the neurologist.
  A few days later Chloe happened to have a Dr's appt for her 7 yr check up and so after Chloe was checked out, I brought up all these episodes that have been going on with little Miss Sadie.  She said they sounded like seizures and suggested we see the neurologist also. 
  The next day I called and left a msg for her neurologist telling him about these episodes and to see if we could move up her Dr's appt.  He called back and said that he wanted her to have an EEG to check for seizures.  I said I agree but I think that whatever is happening is happening in her sleep so I wanted to get an EEG in her sleep.  He agreed and we decided to do a 24hr EEG.  We shall see what that brings.

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