March 31, 2015

I just could not help it

I couldn't help but take pics of her. She just melts my heart!

  See that chipped tooth on the bottom row? She grinds her teeth so bad that she chipped it. Not sure what to do with the grinding issue. She wouldn't tolerate a mouth guard or anything.
First pic:  The arms behind her head. That's her signature pose. It keeps her hands "safe" from touching anything.
Second pic:  Love her pirate grin!

First pic:  Her second signature pose. Loves to rest her head on her arm.  I swear I didn't put lipstick on her, she just has naturally very pink lips.
Second pic:  She just wanted to show off her pink cowboy boots and the fact that she can sit without a chest strap on to keep her up. Still a little slouched over, but she's working on the strength in her back.

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