March 01, 2015

Did she really just say that?

   Saturday morning my husband and I are laying in bed hoping to fall back to sleep cause it's our one and only day to sleep in when we here "mom, dad, Sadie's awake" threw the baby monitor.  Aubrie's sweet little voice coming threw the speaker.  I giggled, my husband covered his head with the pillow and groaned.
"Mom, Sadie is awake and needs to be changed", pause
"hello? do you hear me"? pause
"Sadie mom will here soon. I'll read you a book until she comes" She then precedes to read her a story.
She then says to Sadie "I'll call mom again"
"MOM! I know you are listening to me, come change Sadie, her diaper is wet".
Aubrie then proceeds to play and talk with Sadie for about 5 more minutes or so and then I hear
"Mom and Dad, Sadie needs to be changed.  I am advocating for her.  Get up and come change her".
My husband and I just looked at each other and laughed. My husband then says to me "where in the world did she learn that. I said "apparently, she listens closer to me then I think".
  Reluctantly I climb out of bed and make my way upstairs.  Aubrie says "it's about time, mom". I said "yeah, yeah, yeah. Where did you learn the word advocate"?
"I don't know."
"Do you know what it means"?
"It means being Sadie's voice and telling people what to do".
I just laughed.
  She's close, but I think I better explain it a little better.  But seriously, what 5 yr old talks about advocating for her little sister?  That is why I think that God knew what he was doing when he gave Sadie two of the best sisters ever.

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