October 23, 2012

My Road Map

Have you ever looked back on your life and wonder how did I get here?  I am a trauma RN.  I tell my patients all the time, "there is a reason that this happened, it could take an extremely long time to figure out why, but some day it will become clear to you."  As I was saying it to one of my patients one night, it was like a light bulb went on over my head and things started to become clear as to how I got here and why different things in my life happened.  Well this is my road map...

1.  Lived in Ohio
2.  Dad lost job
3.  Moved to Michigan
4.  Started working at Chuck E Cheese (hey, it was my first job, leave me alone :)  )
5.  Met my future husband but didn't know it at the time.
6.  Went to CMU started dating a guy that got into a really bad car accident which then perked my interest in the medical field after helping to take care of him and learning about his injuries.
7.  Dropped out of CMU because they didn't have a nursing program.  (Bummer!  I really loved CMU)
8.  Moved back home and ran into this guy that I worked with at Chuck E Cheese.
9.  We started dating.  (Thank you God for letting me drop out of school and to have worked at Chuck E Cheese)
10.  Went to nursing school.  (Thank you God for giving me the brains to be able to comprehend the medical world)
11.  Graduated and started working at a hospital that I really didn't want to work at.  (I've worked there for 6 yrs now)
12.  Worked with a woman who became a very good friend who has a daughter with Downs syndrome.  (Thank you God for putting her in my life, she became my mentor)
13.  Got married to that guy I dated from Chuck E Cheese.
14.  Remember having a conversation with my mom a year or so before I got pregnant with Sadie (although I remember it like the back of my hand for some reason) about a very dear couple to us that was possibly having a special needs child.  I remember saying "So what if that child isn't perfect.  They still will love her once they lay eyes on her.  And she will be perfect in their eyes."  (little did I know I was talking about my future self)
15.  Had 3 beautiful girls.  (Thank you God for my husband and my girls)
16.  Last baby has medical issues.   (Thank you God that I am an RN)
17.  She was born at the same hospital that I worked at and was in the NICU.  (Thank you God that I accepted that job I didn't want originally because I felt comfortable in this atmosphere with friends right around the corner, one less anxiety to deal with)
18.  Being able to know the medical field and to be able to be a good advocate for her and to know what resources to use.
19.  God also put many, many, many good people in my path at different times in my life.  Each one has contributed something to help me in tough situations.

   So that is an extremely condensed version of my life since I was 16.  My point to this post is that God has a weird way of getting us prepared for different things in our lives.  He gave me at least 17 yrs to become prepared and (I'm sure there was stuff in my earlier childhood) that helped provide me the tools to be strong and to be able to deal with some difficult situation with grace and dignity.  Different people, different activities, different conversations bring us to who we are today.  Although it feels like we live in madness sometimes, it's God's madness and His perfect plan for us.  Yet another lesson learned from Sadie.  :)

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