October 30, 2012

The Dr's

How many Dr's can one tiny person have?  Well let's see...

1. Pediatrician
2. Neurologist
3. Neurodevelopment
4. Opthamologist
5. Eye plastic surgeon
6. ENT
8. Genetics
9. General surgery
10.  Dentist
11. Cardiologist
12. Ear Surgeon (cochlear implant)
13. Facial/plastic surgery
14. Nutritionist

Soon to be adding an orthopedist and an endocrinologist and possibly a urologist.

She also sees an occupational therapist and an ABM practitioner (it is kinda like a type of physical therapy, but focuses alot more on the brain and nerve connections.)

I think this is absolutely ridiculous.  Unfortunately, she's needs all of them or trust me I would be getting rid of them.  Luckily, we are now down to only seeing most of them once or twice a year.  For awhile we were seeing most of them monthly or every couple of months. I was losing my mind!  I'm pretty sure people thought I was lying to them because every time they asked me to do anything I would say "Sorry, we have a Dr's appt".   Some people understood, others not so much, but we can't please everyone.
  Chloe and Aubrie go to almost all the appt's with me.  The only time they don't is if it is a new Dr or if I know it will be a long appt.  They usually do very well at the appt's because they have the routine down pat, know how to behave and what I expect from them.  The girls also know that good behavior has it's perk when it comes to stuff that we have to do with Sadie.  Usually, they get some kind of "reward".  No, I don't buy them things.  But if time permits we will go to the park, or get some lunch, or go to someones house, or get ice cream, or go to the mall to play on the play stuff, rent a movie, etc...  Sometimes they are just happy with getting a bracelet or sticker at the Dr's office.  That's not to say that we haven 't had a few break downs in the offices, they are human and children after all, but over all they do an excellent job and I couldn't be prouder of them.


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