October 18, 2012

Sadie's sick

Sadie and mommy have not had much sleep in the past few nights.  Sadie is up coughing and gagging all night.  I took her to the Dr yesterday.  I've been putting it off for a few days.  Not that I didn't want her to get better, but because I wasn't sure she was really sick.  You would think that since I am an RN I should know these things.  But Sadie... she is just a hard baby to read.  This was the conversation with the Dr.  (We did not get to see her pcp because she was not in, so we one of the other pediatricians in the office)

Dr: Has she been tired?
Me: Well yes, but it could be her mitochondrial disease acting up.
Dr:  Has she had a fever?
Me: Yes, but she has a hard time controlling her temperature, due to the mitochondrial disease and the pontocerebellar hypoplasia.
Dr:  When did her voice become hoarse and she started sounding snotty.
Me:  She has a naturally hourse voice from her cranial nerve issue and she has a floppy airway so she always sounds like this.
Dr:  Has she been vomiting?
Me:  Well she can't because she has a nissin, she has been really gaggy but sometimes she gets like that due to the mitochondrial disease.
Dr:  When did the cough start?
Me:  Well it actually started 3 weeks ago as a random cough here or there, nothing major.  We (me, her PCP, and her ENT) all thought it was because of her floppy airway and the fact that she is teething and has excessive drool and she is coughing to protect her airway.
Dr:  Well, now I can see why you didn't know if she was actually sick, she's a little complicated.
Me:  And that's not even a quarter of whats going on with her.  *And I smiled*

So the Dr decided to get a chest x ray.  Sadie has bronchitis.  Please pray that this is all that it is and that it will be taken care of with antibiotics.  I DO NOT want this to be the beginning of any future respiratory issues. 

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