October 22, 2012

Sadie's 1st Birthday Party

   Sadie is feeling much better!  Antibiotics and a little extra TLC and she is as good as new.  Thank you God and everyone for their prayers.  I can't even tell you the size of the knot that forms in my stomach when I think she is getting sick.  I feel like I am always paranoid when it comes to her health.  Honestly, I don't think that will ever change.  Hopefully I'll learn to control my anxiety a little more.
   Since Sadie was feeling better we decided to go through with her birthday party.  Her birthday is technically not until the 28th, but this was the best date for all the family to get together.  It ended up being a perfect day, weather was good, food was good, Sadie was happy and relaxed (and not coughing) and the company was good.  All the plans came together despite my procrastination.  I can't believe all the anxiety I had over this birthday party, but I will explain that in a different post.  I choose the theme Angels because she was sent to me from God and she will always be my little angel.  I wish I would not have procrastinated because I had a lot of cute ideas, but I ran out of time.  Sometimes I could kick my self in the booty, but there is nothing I can do about it now (I always have to remind myself to not sweat the small stuff) and all went well without my little things that I didn't do.

Picture of our family.  Yes, there is a baby behind that GIANT cake!

Sadie put her own hands in the cake.  Not on purpose, it was because there was a giant cake in front of her and she had no where else to put her hands.  Since she does not eat by mouth she has no idea what to do.  I helped her a little bit.  Not a big fan!

 Giving me a dirty look

Giving everyone else a dirty look.
"What are you people laughing at?"

Sadie smiles. As you can see the left side of her face works really well.  On the right side of her face her bottom lip can smile, so it will partially push the top lip up so she gets a little bit of a grin.  It melts my heart, cause she tries so hard.  I call it her pirate grin.

Her sisters helped her blow out her candles and open her presents, but momma made her wish.  I wished for many more birthdays with big pirate grins.